About the Process

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Our process is simple, easy and fun! Parents or Guardians age 18 or older can simply fill out our online form questionnaire and schedule a time to chat with Santa. Santa will then contact you via Skype™! Payments are secure and quick via Paypal.

This is a great way for kids that are too shy, or too fearful to visit Santa in the mall, to have a great Santa experience.

We ask that you fill out a short form so that conversation can be relevant to your child. We like to keep this fun, so please no disciplinary talk requests.

When Santa contacts you via Skype™, please be sure your settings allow for two way video. This will help with the full experience if Santa can also see the children while talking to them. Need help setting up Skype™? Click here for help .

You will need to have Skype™ installed on a computer, tablet or phone in order to use this service. Click here to get Skype™ .

Santa video chat is in English only. Session will last for up to 10 minutes.