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Skype™ with Santa Always believe in the magic of Santa. I try to shape my daily life with these words because, well, no matter the time of year, given my appearance, there isn't much doubt. But during the Christmas season, when the red velvet suit is in place, my goal is to transform into that mystical person. I strive to be how you think the elf should be - jolly, outgoing and with a positive outlook on life. My purpose is to make people smile, and to make them feel good. I love to see the joy in their eyes when Santa greets them. The energy they give back is what keeps this guy going.

Sometimes, you just know. As a six-year-old in the first grade, fate, in the form of my teacher, Mrs. Whitehall, cast me in a role destined to become a life-long pleasure. Dressed like a little Santa, boys and girls came to talk to me. They sat on my lap. It all came so naturally. I knew then this was something I wanted to do. To this day, believe there is something magical about that suit.

It's not unusual. Red is a staple in my regular wardrobe. As the holiday season approaches, it is likely to find me wearing the color almost daily. And as for the beard, I've had it since my twenties and it's been white for the past two decades. The last twenty Christmas seasons of my life have been especially dedicated to The Elf Himself.

Back when the apples Santa put in stockings were still edible fruit, I began visiting with children for private parties and public functions. The last decade has been spent listening to Christmas wishes in shopping malls. I make no promises to those sharing confidences with me, although there are times when I wish I could. And, yes, kids have some unusual requests.

Where in the world is Santa Claus? As the man with the ultimate seasonal job, I relocate from the North Pole to a more temperate climate the rest of the year but keep up my contact with kids of all ages by driving a school bus. I remind the students I keep "Naughty" and "Nice" lists, adding it is never too late to add your name to my good book.

Famous last words. I like to remind everyone that Santa is as real as the Christmas Spirit. His purpose is to bring joy and happiness to people. That is the real Christmas Spirit.